47-779 / 47-785 course syllabus - Fall 2021

From among many References, we will discuss in detail one or two papers (or book chapters) per class, depending on the topic. Students should read them in advance so that class discussions can be more productive.

  1. Integer programming classical methods (Week of September 9th)
  2. Ising, Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (Week of September 16th)
  3. Graver Augmented Multiseed algorithm (GAMA) (Week of September 21st)
  4. Specialized hardware methods for solving Ising/QUBO (Week of September 23rd)
  5. Quantum methods for solving Ising/QUBO (Week of October 5th)
  6. Other topics and project presentations (Week of October 14th, November 30th and December 2nd)

Besides each week’s papers there are some casual references we will visit. There is no single text book for the course. This is a restricted list of various interesting and useful books that will be touched during the course. You may need to consult them occasionally.