47-779 / 47-785 course syllabus - Fall 2021

Grade distribution

💻 Quizzes
50 %
Weekly, worst two won't be counted.
🤝 Final project
50 %
Presented and submitted in groups in week 7.


Weekly homework and quizzes (50\%), Final Project (50\%).

Course policy

Academic honesty

Lack of knowledge of the academic honesty policy is not a reasonable explanation for a violation. Any form of plagiarism can earn you a failing grade for the entire course. For more information you can refer to https://www.cmu.edu/policies/student-and-student-life/academic-integrity.html. When in doubt, add a citation.

Student resources.

If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact Catherine Getchell, Director of Disability Resources, 412-268-6121, getchell@cmu.edu. If you have an accommodations letter from the Disability Resources office, we encourage you to discuss your accommodations and needs with us as early in the semester as possible. We will work with you to ensure that accommodations are provided as appropriate.

As a student, you may experience a range of challenges that can interfere with learning, such as strained relationships, increased anxiety, substance use, feeling down, difficulty concentrating and/or lack of motivation. These mental health concerns or stressful events may diminish your academic performance and/or reduce your ability to participate in daily activities. CMU services are available, and treatment does work. You can learn more about confidential mental health services available on campus at: http://www.cmu.edu/counseling/. Support is always available (24/7) from Counseling and Psychological Services: 412-268-2922.