47-779 / 47-785 course syllabus - Fall 2021


The final group project accounts for 70% of the total grade.

This project will be completed in groups of 2-4 students. It will reflect the understanding of the students of the material covered in the lecture. The components of this project are the following:

There will be an ungraded submission at the beginning of week 3 with the proposed problem to be solved (we can guide you if you are out of ideas). There is a presentation at the middle of the semester (when the mid-term report is submitted), allowing students to present their partial progress in front of the class and receive feedback.

Much of the second half of the course is devoted to the final project completion, with the office hours aimed at each final project group.

One of the essential learning objectives of this course is completing the project in a group (with a considerable amount of work distributed among several individuals). The groups are self-created, although we will support you in finding a group if you want to join one. Individual projects are only allowed under exceptional cases.